Industries du groupe

SM France

SM France, established 30 years ago in Rochefort-sur-Mer close to the Rochelle in the Charentes Maritime, produces molded laminated table tops destined in part to the hotel and restaurant markets and in part to garden markets. The table tops of SM France are made from a base of wood, glue and paper; a technique of molding and laminating used in products of superior quality with materials resistant to bad weather. The varied collections of tables, chairs, armchairs and stools provides a wide choice, renewed each year, according trends, styles and market demand. SM France makes 65% of its turnover in exports to close to 60 countries. | Contact:

Society for Mining Development “Sodexmines”

Sodexmines is a limited company whose primary activity is buying raw casseterite and processing it to obtain casseterite powder whose grade of pewter surpasses 65%. This is achieved in our factory in Kivu which has a processing capacity of 150 tonnes of raw casseterite per week or 120 tonnes of finished product. In order to strengthen its position in the pewter market, the Katangese division of Sodexmines purchased a large concession that will be industrially developed. The factory is equipped with two magnetic separators, two magnetic washing tables, two crushers, three hammer mills and a roller mill, three vibrating tables for separating by density and five spiral separators by density.


COBEGA Manufacturing of Bottle Caps and Packaging

COBEGA is a company that manufactures bottle caps, metal packaging and all articles made of tin, galvanized steel or white metal. The factory is located on the Poids Lourds Highway in Limete, Kinshasa. Manufacturing bottle caps includes: cutting, lithography, stamp-pressing, and assembling the bottle caps. The manufacturing capacity is 100 million bottle caps per month. The number of employees is 74. There is also a welding shop, a machining shop and a print shop (COBEPRINT).

Cobra Tyre and Rubber Company

Cobra Tyre and Rubber Company is a factory for manufacturing tires, constructed in Kinshasa in 1971 by GOODYEAR International. It was purchased by the Blattner Group in 1987. Built on 30 hectares and employing more than 300 people, the factory possesses a production capacity of 6,000 tonnes of tires per year. These include car tires, 4x4, light trucks and heavy duty trucks. In order to offer its clientele quality products and services, Cobra integrates all the competences, industrial and commercial. The COBRA tire is without contest the leader on the tire market in the DRC because it is adapted to the climate and responds to the constraints of its users. These 37 years of experience is the proof. One of the main elements of the tire, natural rubber, is provided by the plantation Busira Lomami Equateur, which is also owned by the Group Blattner Elwyn. The tires, marketed under the brand COBRA, are distributed throughout the country by a network of official distributors.