In 2008, ORIONCOM built an imposing satellite antenna and tower station in Kinshasa, according to international telecommunications norms (UIT). The infrastructure installed by ORIONCOM can mutually benefit and be made available to all economic actors in complete security. In addition to a preferential rate and a superior connection, businesses and individuals can depend upon commercial and local technical service in both the satellite and networking aspects. ORIONCOM is positioned as a telecommunications operator in providing immediate internet and data connections to the professional market by means of satellite technology. Operational in the DRC, its strategic position makes it possible to offer other connection services, opening up the information world of rapid delivery. Services offered: Internet (global connectivity); internet access at work; internal business networking, locally and internationally; access to messaging services
( IP address, domaine server) - VoIP- Data (link dependent on the flow :256 Kbps, 512 Kbps...) - Per-to-per or multipoints - Specialised or not -Data encryption.
Contact: info@orioncom.cd www.orioncom.cd

The Mongala Medical Centre “CMM”

The Mongala Medical Center is situated at N° 48, Avenue de la Mongala, in Gombe, downtown Kinshasa. CMM is a polyclinic, assuring up-to-date health care and hospitalization to independent patients and to employees of affiliated businesses and their families. The centre is comprised of four buildings, housing 42 hospital beds, an operating theatre, intensive care facility, maternity, medical imaging service, dental service, laboratory, a pharmacy and pharmaceutical depot, consultation rooms and private hospital rooms. Services extend to consultations in general medicine and specialized medicine, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, neuropsychiatry, pediatrics, internal medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, care of HIV/Aids/TB, public health education, vaccination, clinical biology, anesthesia, resuscitation, pharmaceutical products and supplying hospitals belonging to the Group in the interior of the country with medications and medical equipment.


International Bank of Africa in Congo “BIAC”

The BIAC is a limited company registered by presidential decree on November 30, 1970. Almost 40 years old in the DRC, our activity and performance has grown in these last years. Rising to a level of most dynamic companies, the BIAC offers its clientele products and services that better respond to the needs and demand for quality. This distinctive feature in the DRC gives us the honor of being a bank for all Congolese, thanks to our diversified portfolio. Our correspondents are: ING, NATIXIS, ABSA, BHM and LEBANESE CANADIAN BANK SAL. The BIAC has 12 agencies in Kinshasa and 11 branches in other territories of the Congo.

Website: www.biac.cd

Multimat Logistique Miniere

Multimat is a company that provides expertise in logistic and service solutions, primarily in mining, excavation, roads, engineering and construction. It also rents out equipment for use in these various domains. Conceptualizing and actualizing the work in these remote environments is one of our specialties.


Service Maintenance Solutions “SMS”

SMS is a forerunner in its field in the DRC. It targets an important improvement in efficiency while maintaining lower costs for its clientele. The company’s objective is subcontracting, through GSM operators, site maintenance, placement and purchasing of new sites for relay stations.

Contact: info.sms@gbedrc.com

ITALMOTORS: Distributor of IVECO Vehicles in the DRC

ITALMOTORS is the official dealer of IVECO trucks in the DRC. It also represents NEW HOLLAND Agriculture for agricultural equipment and PRAMAC for electrical generators. A perfectly equipped shop and a stock of replacement parts ensure complete after-sale service of commercial material. A dynamic team of 110 people works the guaranty on original IVECO replacement parts, providing quality and confidence, because the parts have been submitted to rigorous controls. We address all economic operators whose involvement in the segment of transportation and service vehicles will not cease to increase.

Contact:commercial.italmotors@gbedrc.com www.italmotors.gbedrc.com

Getma Transport Multimodal "GTM"

GTM is located at N° 1338 on the Poids Lourds Highway in the IVECO concession in Kingabwa. It handles international customs clearance, maritime freight, and also national and international logistics. It is comprised of 20,000 m2 of storage space, 4,500 m2 of covered and protected surface, 2 warehouses for freight under customs – one for air freight and the other for maritime; and 500 m2 of office space – for transfers under customs of air and sea shipments headed for the GTM customs hangars. Its activities range from international air and maritime freight, national and international logistics, transit, customs clearance, storage, stocking and packing, national river transportation in the DRC, national road transportation/DRC, national and international mail and parcel express. Agents include: PANALPINA WORLD TRANSPORT, KUEHNE & NAGEL, INTERFREIGHT, ECU-LINE, WA TRANS LOGISTICS, Sodexl, EXPRESS.
Contact: +243 (0)81 884 57 24


Society of Road Transport “NRJ”

NRJ was created in 2006 to respond to the need for vertical integration of the whole logistics chain for the Group Blattner Elwyn. It represents the link between maritime, land and river transit of the Group. Every month it covers more than 100,000 kms with its fleet of carriers, averaging 7500 tonnes, in containers or bulk (cement, rough lumber, sacs etc.) of imports and exports. It serves the province of Bas-Congo on the route between Kimpese, Matadi, Boma and Tshela. It has experienced rapid and consistent growth. NRJ has at its disposal 30 tractors and 33 trailers, an impressive capacity. The company is a licensed bonded carrier for the transportation of material in customs and in 2007 acquired the status of ship to dry dock for international maritime lines.

Contact:nrj@ic.cd | www.nrj.cd.

Society for Development and Expansion of Enterprises “SDE”

SDE Ltd. is based in Brussels, Belgium. As the import/export company for several Congolese companies, SDE supplies these businesses with the services and supports necessary for their development and expansion. Its activities include importing and marketing the products of these companies worldwide; notably: cocoa, coffee, rubber, casseterite and tropical lumber (rough, sawn and parquet); exporting raw materials, rolling stock, machines and replacement parts needed for the effective operation of the companies.

Contact: sde@sde.skynet.be www.sdee.be.

Society for River Transport and Commerce in Equateur “TFCE”

TFCE boasts sixty units of navigational pushers and barges complete with GPS systems; four ports, two principle ones in Kinshasa, equipped with cranes, with a capacity of 40 tonnes; possibility of convoys pushing up to 2,000 tonnes; a shipyard for mechanical and hull repairs of barges. All this property is supported by 200 national and four expatriate employees. Our boats serve an area of more than 10,000 kms: Kikwit, Ilebo, Mbandaka, Basankusu, Yalusaka, Bangi, Mogalo, Lisala, Bumba, Akula, Binga, Bosondjo, Isangi and Kisangani.

Contact: ftce@gbedrc.com